Abnormal State : Otome Love

❤️ The love story for you ❤️

I woke up in a certain game.
Three guys who want me?

After a short moment of panic,
A warning appeared in front of me that I would die if I didn't find true love!

*I'm forced to love..*
*in order to survive this Abnormal State*

💙 Game Features💙
– Easy romance games you can play to the end for free
– Honey voiced by a stellar lineup of voice actors
– Real otome games with multi endings
Romance Fantasy universe
– Different choices to organize your episodes
– Exciting dating love stories that feel like real-life dates
– A variety of charming and unique characters for your romance game
– A solid narrative world, with compelling hidden episodes
– Exciting interactions with surprise characters! Don't be surprised if they have unexpected reactions to you
– Engaging dialogues that make you feel like you're in the game
– The fate of the protagonist depends on the choices you make
– Multiple endings with combinations of your choices
– Beautiful illustrations in colorful Live 2D motion graphics
A romance simulation with handsome characters

❤️ Recommend it!❤️
– If you enjoy romance, dating episode choice game
– If you like Awesome BF
– If you enjoy the games for women
– If you want to play a variety of endings depending on your choices like a dating simulation
– If you like free game, otome game, story game
– If you make your own lovely relationship with a sexy boyfriend or girfriend.
– If you like interactive game like Episode, Chapters and Maybe.
– People who like games like Dangerous Fellows, Blood Kiss and Mystic Messenger
– People who like visual novels, light novels, and text games

This female-oriented otome simulation game lets you experience a variety of seduction, love, and conflict as you become possessed as a noble lady in a romance fantasy game.

Experience different episodes for free, and discover hidden routes!
There are multiple storylines to choose from and a compelling cast of characters to explore.
Download this dating simulation game and find the love of your life.

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