Metal Slug: Awakening APK Download (latest version)

Metal Slug: Awakening APK Download : With a brand-new horizontal screen action shooter gameplay designed and legally licensed by SNK, Metal Slug: Awakening made its debut.

Classic levels like Pyramids, Deserts, and Mines have been faithfully rebuilt while maintaining their original arcade form! The picture and design have been enhanced to a high standard while maintaining a traditional vibe, making for an appealing and eye-catching experience.

Now that the game has been updated, it offers a great experience when taking part in a thrilling and exciting battlefield by introducing a collection of uncountable weapons, extending various areas, diverse missions, and distinctive military vehicles.

metal slug awakening apk download

Metal Slug: Awakening keeps the basic gameplay but also includes interesting game modes including World Exploration, Team 3, and Roguelike. The Commander can now take on the formidable Boss wherever and whenever with pals!

Mission Begin! The classic arcade game “Metal Slug: Awakening” features new graphics.

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The successor to Metal Slug has received official SNK approval! Along with the reenactment of famous scenarios, characters that convert into obese, zombies, or morph into cats, iconic levels, characters, Bosses, and vehicles have also made an appearance. Exploration that never ends, wonderfully capturing childhood nostalgia, and the trademark Metal Slug humor!

metal slug awakening download

Sweep and win all of the different and distinctive levels to the end! Golden Sand Mines, Covert Laboratories, Mystical Lava Zones, Southern Jungles, Eastern Citiesā€¦ The Commander can check out so many new-style maps!

The Commander in Metal Slug has a drill that penetrates deep into the ground, a strong fire-breathing camel, and the ability to parachute and attack from above. The Commander can select from a number of vehicles, each with great abilities! Fly high in the air, squat low to the ground, and attack nimbly! Will you make use of the vehicle’s special combat capabilities to defeat tough Bosses this time?

metal slug awakening apk latest version

Bullets fly as you level up, battle the boss with a range of special weapons, and use each character’s unique powers. In Metal Slug, well-known characters and vehicles like Ammunition H, Ammunition L, and Ammunition I also make an appearance.

Select the Commander’s proper weapon! Still not content? The use of flamethrowers, ice blasters, and boxing weapons is available to commanders. Defeat every foe and up the firepower!

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Turn Marco into a flexible obese guy, rescue convicts to obtain hidden stuff, touch the magic lamp to retrieve treasureā€¦ As you advance through the stages, pay close attention since each figure has a unique animation and there are tons of secret elements to discover! These intriguing mysteries were motivated by the vintage arcade game.

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