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Omniheroes, a heroic fantasy casual strategy RPG.

Dear Omniguardians, our world awaits your salvation! Through the darkness, rescue the captive Valkyries from the Demons and fight together against evil threatening the world!

Summon forth legendary heroes, unlock multiple synergies, and match hundreds of team compositions at will! Mesmerize yourself in strategic battles and reward idle gameplay with summoners around the world!

【Game Features】
Chillax or Strategize with Enchanting Valkyries
The new concept art style elaborately designed by masterful artists takes you to the medieval fantasy world. Follow the Omniguardian Odysseus, sign contracts with different styles of valkyries, and carve your deeds into legend as you partake in an adventure between the Demons and Divines, in a realm ruled by swords and sorcery.

Assemble 100+ Legendary Heroes
Behold as 100+ enchanting yet powerful valkyries designed and modeled by top-tier graphical artists unleash spectacular skills in stylish 2D graphics.

Match multiple synergies comps at will
Diverse synergies await your strategic guidance! Match more than 100 hero team comps at will and significantly stack powerful battle buffs by activating them, turn adversity to your advantage at the tip of your fingers, and conquer your enemies with one blow!

Interact to unleash Valkyries' charisma
Want to know what the Valkyries look like outside the battlefield? Make your every whim a reality in Valkyrie Manor right now! Heal war-injured Valkyries, build emotional bonds, unlock multiple skins, and unveil Valkyries' hidden charisma!

Team up strategically for versatile battles
Experience unique campaigns for each hero and use clever tactics to conquer the ever-changing battlefield! Shrug off enemy attacks with ease across hundreds of 5v5 stages, roguelike labyrinths, and PVP battles where you can earn amazing rewards!

Superb growth one-tap upgrades
Too busy to level up? No need to panic! The game's unique leveling system guarantees you superb growth with one-tap upgrades! You can acquire the effortless joy of insane power while just completing the daily quests! Gear, Runes, Relics, …, across loads of one-tap upgrading modes, just get hyped by increasing your power daily!

Reap infinite guild resources
Join the guild with Omniguardians of various nationalities and challenge guild bosses together! Or perhaps you want something more hands-on? Test your luck on random chests and reap a heap of goodies to power up. Fortune will eventually smile upon you!

Dominate the global PVP arena
Rally up your unbeatable team comps by crafting a flexible strategy and brawl with global players in fierce Arena battles. Immerse yourself in the splendid feast of wisdom and power while branding your name into the top global ranking by dominating your rivals!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmniheroesGame
Discord: https://discord.gg/kXwrq6kYud

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